East Frankfort Park

Park Signs East Frankfort

315 Hickory Drive

Summer Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M. (April-October)
Winter Hours (November-March)
All Parks Close at Dark

There are 47 1/2 acres in this park located at the end of Myrtle Avenue off East Main Street. The park was completed in 1971 and has the following facilities:

3 Lighted Tennis Courts
Bark Park for Dogs
2 Lighted Minor League Baseball Fields
     (9-10 Yr. Old)
Nature Trails
Picnic Facilities
Volleyball Court
     (1 Sand) Not Lighted
2 Major Shelters with Restrooms 
     Electricity on Wood above Brick)
     (Capacity 75)
Numerous Playground Equipment
18 Hole Disc Golf Course
Sports, Forestry and Administration Building


Disc Golf


There is a new disc golf course at East Frankfort Park. It features 18 holes for you to master. Go play today or at your earliest convenience.

The Frankfort Disc Golf Association was started in July of 2004. Since then, there has been one tournament (Frankfort Open 1) which drew around 60 participants from all over Kentucky and Ohio and will become an annual event. Club fees are $15 (annually) for an individual membership, $25 for a family membership, or there is an extended membership for $5 a year that entitles that person to discounts on club merchandise and event fees. Also, every Saturday at 1:00 PM they play club doubles.  Everyone is encouraged to come out and play.  Fees for this are $6 for the general public or $5 for club members. Out of each fee, $2 goes to the club. All additional money is awarded to the winning doubles team.

Please feel free to check out the web site http://frankfortdiscgolf.com for the club. Another good point of reference for disc golf is http://pdga.com. This is the official site of the Professional Disc Golfers Association (just like the PGA for ball golf). Anything you want to know about disc golf can be found here. You may email Mark Wallace at wallnutz14@yahoo.com  or Everet Lasley at 859-881-8962 or ebdiscn@adelphia.net.

There is a full-time employee who lives on the premises.


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